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PRISM Security performs security analytics which determine how your company stacks up not only against the myriad of security threats that confront it, but also against the benchmarking of other companies based upon the specific set of requirements we determine to “fit” your business and operating environment.

We work at the front end and back end of security – initially at the Conceptual phase and subsequently through Detailed Design and Implementation phases. We initially analyze the structure and operations of your business in detail to determine gaps/vulnerabilities, then we prepare a detailed design culminating in a biddable set of construction documents.

Our recommendations and eventual designs are concrete and requirements- based. Once you see our analysis, you’ll know with precision where your company stands and what we need to do to secure organizational assets. We also tell you very specifically how you can overcome the issues facing you: exactly what actions / technologies / implementations are needed.

As part of design, we can acquaint you with PRISM Certified Providers worldwide – people and products we’ve test driven, and who can work astutely and dependably at the back end of the process, implementing the steps we recommend to secure your business against the very real threats it faces.

It doesn’t end there. Threats are constantly evolving, so we are prepared to work hand-in-glove with you long-term to help make sure your protection remains top-notch for years to come. We also prepare Standards and Guidelines for enterprises operating on a global basis to ensure continuity and consistency in asset protection. The full range of services offered by the PRISM Group include:

  • Security Assessments, Site Surveys & Audits
  • Requirements Analyses & Conceptual Designs
  • Countermeasure Selection & Integration
  • Systems Design & Engineering
  • Source Selections / Procurement Assistance
  • Cost Estimates / Budget Justifications
  • Technology Evaluations / Vendor Analyses
  • Bidding, Negotiation & Procurement
  • Construction Management & Administration
  • Security Control Centers (PSIM’s)
  • Enterprise Systems Implementations
  • Remote Site Networking
  • Systems Documentation/Standards/Guidelines
  • Business Cases

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