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PRISM solutions are unique to each organization managing threats and risks in today’s unpredictable and often chaotic global environment. The approach methodically anticipates threats and risks and as such is Proactive about them -- then designs only the necessary security Resources to create a holistic program of Integrated Security Management solutions. Hence, the PRISM Approach.

The security function within most organizations is typically viewed from a cost center basis; i.e., the security department is seen as an entity that incurs costs but does not generate revenues or create value.

Today, responding to security demands within the context of complex and sophisticated risks calls for the repositioning of security toward a profit center (or value-added) approach. Security is afforded a front line role amongst all of the organization’s risk management players.

The PRISM Approach emanates from a model for security evaluation and planning called Adaptive Planning. The Approach proactively anticipates likely risk events and focuses risk mitigation efforts on the integration of complementary security countermeasures grouped according to risk Prevention strategies, Detection strategies, Control strategies and Intervention strategies. PRISM designs include these and other areas of security operations:

  • Facilities and architectural barriers and spatial definition such as gates, physical barriers and hardening to deter, delay and deny any adversarial advantage.
  • Closed Circuit Television systems to provide area surveillance, assessment and archived retrieval of fields of external areas, internal facilities and site vulnerabilities, plus to detect and assess risk causing events.
  • Aesthetically placed and deterrent based electronic technologies designed to control access and detect, and in some cases, electronically react to intrusion and unauthorized access attempts.
  • Access Control systems and procedures to channel site and facility personnel and vehicular traffic and to control access to a site, its parking lots, facilities and internal facility critical areas.
  • Comprehensive security policies and procedures to instill employee responsibility and inform personnel of security and safety issues and to provide security program control over designated assets.
  • Environmental design concepts and strategies to create smooth traffic patterns, natural access control and surveillance, instill defensible space and prevent the incidence and fear of victimization.
  • Communications, control and display networks and control centers to collect, integrate, transmit, control and display alarm and other data at the local or central monitoring location for notification and direction of alarm response and conduct of security operations.
  • Intellectual property, proprietary information, and trade secret protection strategies to include information technology risk prevention and mitigation strategies.
  • Information based decision support systems to assure a proactive response to all forms of risk to owner persons, property, facilities and operations.

The PRISM Approach enables the designer to select from a wide range of available physical, electronic, operational and procedural countermeasures to reduce identified risks to an acceptable or manageable level based upon four key program objectives.


  • Site Search and Acquisition
  • Master Planning and Programming
  • Site Planning/Surveys
  • Architectural Design and Layout
  • Systematic Floor Planning/Factory Layout
  • Employee Security Awareness Programs
  • Crime Prevention Programs
  • Employee Screening Criteria
  • Training and Supervision
  • Crisis Management/Contingency Plans


  • Exterior Detection Systems
    • Interior Detection Systems
  • Natural Surveillance Designs
  • Electronic Surveillance Systems
  • Electronic Assessment Systems
  • Security Audits
    • Video Motion Detection
    • Security Awareness
  • Security Personnel
  • Employees/Supervisors


  • Natural Access Control Designs
  • Architectural Designs
  • Facility planning
  • Electronic Access Control
  • Video Imaging Systems
  • Security Info. Management
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Monitoring and Control
  • Security Awareness


  • Security Personnel
    • Response Teams
  • Recording and Playback
  • Response Mechanisms
  • Monitoring and Display Systems
  • Security Patrols
  • Audits and investigations

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